October 25, 2023 - BY Admin

6 wicker picnic basket set new collection

Preparing for the new summer season, Keico launches a collection of wicker picnic baskets with a variety of ingredients. As one of the manufacturers with many years of experience in the field of bamboo and rattan. Keico brings you closer to eco-friendly products.

The picnic basket set in this collection are created from natural materials such as bamboo and rattan… The product is completely handmade from the knitting stage to the packing stage. All products from Keico picnic baskets are sold at extremely reasonable prices to wholesalers worldwide.

1.Rattan picnic basket with 2 bottle holders

This picnic basket made of full rattan. Keico provides bamboo board with this basket if buyers need.

2. Rattan picnic basket with 2 lids

The picnic basket with 2 lids made of rattan. The lid is opened to the sides

3. Rattan picnic basket with 2 handles

Picnic basket with 2 handles made of rattan. The rattan picnic basket has 2 long handles and can be folded to either side. And it includes 2 small handles fixed on 2 sides.

4. Bamboo picnic basket

The picnic basket made of bamboo has 2 handles and 1 big lid.

5. Seagrass picnic basket

The picnic basket made of seagrass is round shape. It includes 1 handle and 1 lid.

6. Water hyacinth picnic basket

The picnic basket made of water hyacinth. The handle made of leather , and the water hyacinth picnic basket has 1 lid.